Our Services

We offer custom fertilizer spreading and chemical spraying to our customers fields.  We also offer “U rent” pull spreaders for the do-it-yourself farmer/rancher.  Additionally, we have large and small delivery trucks to haul your purchases to your farm, ranch, or business.


Custom Fertilizing

We have several custom application machines to apply your fertilizer and chemicals.  We have a Case Flexair machine which can apply up to 3 different dry products and one liquid at one time.  It is GPS controlled, so your rows are perfectly straight.  You can apply alfalfa seed, 11-52-0, and 0-0-60 all at one time.  You can also spray your grain and fertilize at the same time.  Many different combinations are available.

We have two 3 wheeled machines that are great for pastures and rough/wet field conditions.

Also, we have a low profiled 3 wheel machine designed for orchards.

Additionally, we have several pull applicators, including Ranchero’s for small pasture jobs that our customers rent to apply fertilizer on their own fields.