Hay! It’s what’s for breakfast!

September 8, 2011

Wheat hay.  Farmer Greg loves to grow beardless wheat hay.  He also grew some Triticale this year, which is a wheat and rye cross.  Greg likes the wheat and Triticale over oats as he can spray out the bad grasses such as bronco grass, ripgut, foxtail, etc. from the crop.  These bad grass weeds are natives to the area and can not be controlled in oat hay.  So, for good clean winter forage, Farmer Greg now grows primarily wheat hay.  Our wheat hay is very clean of both bad grass weeds and broadleaf weeds such as mustard, radish, and starthistle.  Your horses and other animals will love it.  For those who have not fed wheat hay, I suggest feeding the morning ration with wheat hay, then either alfalfa, grass, or a grass/alfalfa mix at night.  This will save over $20 per animal per month off your feed bill and give your animals some variety.  Try it and you will like it!!

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